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This course provides a balance of grammar, reading, listening, speaking and writing to improve both accuracy and communication skills.

Features of the course

  • For students aged 16+
  • 15, 21, 25 hours per week
  • Average 6-8 students per class, maximum of 10
  • Elementary to Advanced Levels
  • Beginners accepted at the start of a new term
  • Flexible enrolments starting every Monday
  • Minimum 2 weeks: discounts for long term bookings


We use a mix of modern course books and authentic materials to meet students’ needs.

Tutors meet weekly to discuss the progress of the students in their classes. Monthly individual tutorials are held to discuss progress and set aims for further study.

  • Grammar
  • Pronunciation practice
  • Written and spoken accuracy
  • Skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking
Speaking Accuracy, fluency / phonemic chart, pronunciation colloquial expressions, vocabulary building, idioms.
Listening Accuracy of comprehension, varieties of global English communication, TV/Video, dialogue, telephone, radio, internet.
Reading Speed and in-depth reading, extracting information, comprehension.
Writing Spelling, sentence structures, punctuation, style: narrative, essay, formal/informal.

Morning classes: Grammar and Accuracy

Focus on the accurate use of English. Students learn and practise new grammar, functions and vocabulary, and also develop their knowledge of English using set course books and authentic materials.

Afternoon classes: Communication / Skills and Fluency

Focus on improving oral communication and fluency, vocabulary extension and skills for real-life purposes