Spring has sprung in Canterbury

Today is the Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and you only have to look around to see the glorious blossoming of the magnolia trees in our lovely Westgate Gardens, and the daffodils coming out all around the ancient City walls.

Spring flowers

20th March 2019 — We are mid way through March... and we’ve been as busy and ‘as mad as a March hare’!

The month kicked off with Shrove Tuesday aka ‘Pancake Tuesday’ with students and staff enjoying some rather scrummy pancakes spread with a selection of delicious fillings of chocolate, honey, and the very traditional sugar and lemon. At the end of breaktime we were very reluctant to go back to classes and our offices, it was all “so fingerlickin’ good” – to borrow a phrase!

The World Wide Web at 30

12th March 2019 was 3WWW0! - a very special day for Brits and for the world; our very own Tim Berners Lee (inventor of the Worldwide Web) celebrated the 30th anniversary of the single most important digital invention around the world, it’s no wonder the London2012 Olympics used his Tweet “This is for everyone” as their Games strapline! But it’s worth also reading TBL’s latest articles on how the Web needs to be re-structured with fresh rules, a lesson for us all!

Shi-ho our lovely Japanese student
Shi-ho our lovely Japanese student

Cheerio Shi-ho!

12th March was also the day that Shi-ho our lovely Japanese student was saying her sad farewells to Concorde staff and classmates as she was returning to Japan after enjoying 11months studying English with us and moving up through the levels!

She had been doing English in her hometown in Japan and decided that she had to come and visit this wonderful UNESCO heritage City of Canterbury – no regrets!

Penny,  the winner of our competition – guessing the number of chocolate balls in the jar -130 exactly
Penny, the winner of our competition – guessing the number of chocolate balls in the jar -130 exactly

Red Nose day

Concorde students joined the rest of the country doing the annual Red Nose day for Comic Relief, there was – as ever- a lot of different food on offer, red balloons and staff wearing red noses! Our students did a great job fundraising, and two of them Francesco & Penny won the competition how many chocolate balls were in the jar…guess what they collected as their prize?!


And just a quick alert if you are reading this today on the Equinox - don’t forget to look out of your window this evening – the Supermoon can be seen (if not cloudy!), it’s the third and final full supermoon of 2019 – last chance to see one today and tomorrow – then it’s gone! Supermoon https://earthsky.org/tonight/full-supermoon-on-march-2019-equinox.

Happy moon gazing!

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