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Cambridge CELTA in June 2024

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CELTA course

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Concorde International

by Kyutea Lee |

Interested in working with people (5 – 75yrs!)  from many different countries?

Our Recruitment  & Training team are waiting to hear from you!

You could step into another world and join our CELTA course with the guarantee of work at the end of the course.

Ask us now, don’t wait, don’t delay, call us today! 01227 451035 or <>

CELTA - The passport to open borders!

Is your New Year resolution to get a grip and change jobs? The CELTA course can do this for you!

A short, intensive 4 week course will lead you to an accredited Certificate in Teaching English recognised around the world; you can start work straight away here in the UK and gain that all important experience for the next step to teaching in Europe, Asia, Latin America.

Concorde International has over 50years of experience with many long term partners around the globe waiting for trained EFL teachers; take the challenge, make the change today for a life transforming opportunity which you won’t regret!

You don’t even need prior teaching experience to apply – only an enthusiasm for communication and a desire to interact with people from different cultures.

Interested? Give us a call or come in for a chat,  and book the course – the first step to a different future!

Dates            26/02/24-22/03/24

Ages              21 years +

Price            Cost of course: £1,400/ Examination fee: £157 / Registration fee: £50

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