Paris Marathon 2019!

Whilst most of us were just getting up for Sunday breakfast here in Canterbury, Matyas our Erasmus student from Hungary who is studying Business and Economics at Concorde, was limbering up at the START line on the Champs Elysees in Paris!

Paris Marathon
Matyas by the Arc de Triomphe!

24th April 2019 — More than 50,000 Marathon runners, some in fancy dress costume, others in running shorts, all had one thing in mind – to get to the FINISH line without falling over, breaking an ankle or knee!

This was over 40 kilometres of iconic scenic routes through well known districts in Paris, but not in the comfort of a Panaromic bus or a Bateaux Mouche on the Seine, but rather this was the hard, unforgiving terrain of pounding the roads, and although surrounded by other runners, it was very much a solo run.

For Matayas – he had to overcome the additional challenge of his training sessions having been interrupted a few weeks before the Marathon due to a medical operation. He says that the battle was a tough, psychological one, to remain focused after several hours despite the ‘jelly legs’ and the lactic acid build up in the leg muscles, and in the last few kilometres it was just him and his willpower versus everything else in his body which screamed to stop running.

But the FINISH line was the sweetest sight he saw, and we congratulate him for dogged perseverance, iron will, and true grit!

And amazingly – he was back in class on Monday morning – what a super achiever! Check the photos with his finalist’s Medal, and give a handclap to the ‘Man of the moment’! Well done Matyas!

London Marathon 2020 next time!

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