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Speak to the World!

The Meeting Place for our online Young Learners where you will make new international friends! Enjoy our interactive, communicative classes, with a choice of options

Enjoy our interactive, communicative classes, with a choice of options

1. English + British Culture

2. Leadership Skills for High Flyers

3. The Global Green Environment

  • Develop transferable life skills, fluency and gain confidence
  • Increase your digital literacy and ability
  • Be creative and imaginative

Tutored by our passionate teachers, all dedicated professionals with a commitment to each individual student’s development of confidence and language improvement.
Managed and supported by Concorde International’s 50 years of experience and teaching expertise.
Welcome to a summer of fun, new skills, new friends!
Your place, our place, always a safe space!

English Skills + British Culture

Increase knowledge about British culture and authentic,
real-world experiences Increase speaking and listening skills including pronunciation, Develop life skills (action research; collaboration; critical analysis; presenting)

English Skills + Leadership Skills

Cultures & customs; creativity & innovation; leadership & entrepreneurship; awesome presentations; Life Skills development

English Skills + Global Green Environment

Develop awareness of Global Environmental Issues i.e. aquatic systems; biodiversity; renewables.
Increase knowledge about Sustainable Development
(Globally and locally).
National Geographic resources and projects.