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Si vous souhaitez recevoir d’autres reseignements sur nos cours d’adultes, des séjours linguistiques pour jeunes de 5 ans au 17ans, et pour les familles, veuillez nous contacter sur cet email. Naviguez le site pour nos promotions à prix réduits, et contactez nous.

Nos heures de bureau sont 09.00-17.30 du lundi au vendredi; veuillez nous envoyez svp un email en dehors de ces heures:

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We also teach English in other countries: USA, Australia, New Zealand, Malta; Spanish in Spain, Russian in Moscow, Italian (and cooking!) in Italy, French in France... and many others!


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If you are travelling on a European passport and are concerned about entry into the UK, the British Government has published its guidance:

There will be no change to the rights and status of EU citizens currently living in the UK until 30 June 2021, or 31 December 2020 if the UK leaves the EU without a deal.

The arrangements described here will also apply to citizens of Switzerland arriving after exit in a no deal scenario.

After the UK leaves the EU, if there is no Brexit deal, EEA citizens will be able to enter the UK as they do now (for an interim period).

Guidance as of 28 January 2019

Please check your own Government advice before you travel.

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