Tense yourself for CELTA Teacher training!

This Cambridge accredited Certificate in Teaching is an intensive 4 week course – often used as a springboard to a new future by recent graduates, by those taking early retirement, or by people in the teaching profession who want to have a ‘travel skill’ to use around the world..

6th April 2018 — So... what are you letting yourself in for?

A Pre-course Interview will start you off, with a short, task based, exercise to be done at home before Day 1.

This is to make sure that you understand the methodology of what will be taught, i.e. an understanding of grammar, sound, parts of speech and language structure.

Be prepared! You will be put to work on the very first day, so you need stamina, perseverance and an ability to laugh a bit at yourself with other trainees in order to complete this very busy month of training.

You will then progress through the four weeks encountering, experiencing and delivering different aspects of teaching a lesson to non-native speakers. This will include classroom management, discipline, how to keep students motivated, use of drills, songs, spelling, and quizzes.

Each week has its own challenges (e.g. how to make learning the 3rd conditional “fun”, really?!), occasionally there are frustrations, howls of despair and mini-walkouts, but with the wonderful, round-the-clock, pastoral and professional care of the tutors, the support of your fellow trainees, and a big helping of a determined, positive ‘Yes I can!’ approach, you will reach the goal at the end of 4 weeks... thereafter the world is, quite literally, your oyster!

We offer post course recommendations where you can get into teaching EFL straight away, the recommended schools in the UK, in Europe, in the Middle East & Asia and in the Americas.

Concorde International has established a strong network of partner schools and agents over 45 years and we are happy to point you in the right direction with lots of helpful tips and suggestions!

The CELTA course is immensely challenging and you will be stretched, but if you’re up for a challenge, then this is the course that will put new skills into your life, and new life into your current skillset!

Interested? Give us a call – we are here and happy to have a chat to give you an idea of what is required – we want you to succeed!

Contact us now by phone, email, or Facebook – we’re here to help!

Please see testimonials from trainees now fully fledged teachers who have done this course
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Advice from former trainees

Persevere to the end, don’t compete, do your best!

Teaching is fun, don’t sweat it too much! If you don’t know something, get them to do a bit of self-directed learning, i.e. don’t dig yourself a gaping chasm and put your foot in it!

If you are prepared to work hard and give your all you will enjoy a great sense of achievement when it is all over.

The course is excellent, concise and intensive, but thoroughly worthwhile, and enjoyable. Do as much work as you can before the course and o use the books that have been recommended to you – it really helps. During the course there isn’t much time for a social life so plan well, it’s only for 4 weeks. Have fun on the course!

The most important piece of advice I can give is to contribute as much as possible to group discussions in seminars. Don’t be afraid to throw ideas into the pool of thought.

Keep ahead! There’s plenty of time to prepare lessons in the time allocated during the day, but evening work is essential if you really want to apply what you have learnt in the seminars to your lessons.

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