Postcard notes from a Concorde student - Part 2

Another significant point were the English lessons that we had at Concorde International (the school). We had our lessons from Monday to Friday and the teachers did their best to help us boosting our English skills.

23rd April 2019 — In the class, there was a mix of nationalities, so we could practise our English with different English students. I would like to add that the homestay accommodation was a rewarding experience because we could improve our English end enjoy the life in a British home.

Apart from this, we visited Whitstable, a seaside town near Canterbury that is famous for its oysters, the chalets and the harbour. We had the opportunity to eat one of the best fish and chips and take many pictures with the colourful seaside chalets. We also visited Dover Castle and the White Cliffs. Despite the windy day, we enjoyed the castle and learn about these fortifications that had protect the English coast throughout history. Finally, we moved to London and spent the day walking in the streets and seeing the most important monuments and buildings of the city.

So all in all it has been a wonderful experience, we have learnt many things and we enjoyed each moment of our trip and, for me, that is the most important thing.


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