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Happy Easter to you and your families wherever you are in the world!

Swan under magnolia

23rd April 2020 — St George's Day in England and Shakespeare's birthday.

The March magnolia trees are giving way to the new season– everywhere Spring is really coming alive here in England with cherry blossoms out in full bloom, tulips in all the City gardens and even a self-isolating swan has arrived looking for food and somewhere to rest! Our homestay families may be at home but they have at least a beautiful view of cherry trees carpeting the street with petals!

New for April 2020

Concorde is still providing English lessons to new and existing students, so we are very much open for business with our online English classes. You can contact us on at

There are two choices:

Group classes – Elementary, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate and Advanced (B1, B2 C1) 20 Lessons (morning classes), or 12 lessons (afternoon classes)

Individual personal tuition with a minimum of 5 hours contact time with a tutor

Spring blossom

The group classes (maximum 8 students in a lesson) are taught by our regular full time teachers, ‘zoom’ into an online class and meet other Concorde students – some in Canterbury, others in London, the EU, and Japan, all continuing their English progress in the comfort of their own homes!

New students are very welcome to join us from their tablet, computers, laptops or mobile cell phones anywhere in the world - just remember it is BST – London time!

For more info on Concorde online classes please click here

For students who are in Eastern time zones – you can choose a lesson at the best time for you to learn. Our Home Tuition tutors are located across the world so just email us:

Looking ahead

We know that this is a challenging time for everyone, lots of plans are suspended, but at Concorde International, we like to think positively!

We view all bookings as simply postponed and once the national Governments lift their travel restrictions, we’ll be waiting to greet you in Arrivals!

We only ask that you keep in close contact with us so that we can arrange the accommodation and transfers.

Summer is incredibly only 12 weeks away and so our focus is on the preparations for the Concorde 2020 summer schedule for Young Learners, for the Family Study Programme, and the Adult Vacation courses.

And talking of summer – we aim to continue with the ever popular Leadership course, and new for 2020 is the Global Green course which will have a special focus given the impact that the travel ban has had on the general climate and environment!

So let us all keep our faces turned towards the sunshine – even if it is through a window, and make the most of our home schooling, home working and our new skills!

Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.
— All’s Well That Ends Well

Happy St George’s Day! Happy Shakespeare’s Day!

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