Masafumi from Japan
Masafumi and Concorde's Colin Stone

Cheerio and best of luck!

Masafumi our long term Japanese student has been studying with us for almost a year.

5th February 2019 — Friday was his last day at Concorde International and he leaves us, and Britain, but not to go back to Japan.

Masafumi is off to "freezer-land" ICELAND where the temperature is -5°C!

Colin, our Director, gave Masafumi a present before he left, and said it was something he would definitely use next week – a thermal hat, scarf, gloves and handwarmer!

Masafumi – send us a photo when you get to Reykjavic! Safe travels in Iceland... and stay away from Eyjafjallajökull!

Bye bye from all your friends in Concorde!

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