Demand for quality English lessons

The importance of English - being able to speak and communicate effectively is still increasing and being learnt by ever new markets.

6th April 2017 — Concorde International representatives have been visiting a number of countries in Asia and in Eastern Europe recently and the demand for quality English lessons is still increasing! In order to do business in the fast world of technology, of civil infrastructure projects or just simply obtaining a place at a University - people are asking more and more for intensive courses which include the use of social media etiquette and how to join in the global conversation’. Everyone wants to use Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp and other forms of communication - almost always in English!

The demand for quality English lessons is still increasing

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Our Study Centre offers a range of courses, there are General English classes at most levels, a strong and hard working group of students doing the Foundation course to get to University, a group of lovely Turkish teachers completed their intensive Teacher Development course last week, at the same time a group of trainee English teachers were doing the super intensive CELTA course - they are due to qualify at the end of this month.

Our cooperation with several European Governments continues and we are pleased to provide vocational training courses for foreign Chambers of Trade, and graduate training for the jobs market.

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