Back on song!

Canterbury Cathedral welcomed back its young choristers last week to sing Evensong (the Church’s Vespers) which had been interrupted by Covid restrictions.

Choir in a national newspaper

18th September 2020 — The youngsters were excited to be back and rehearsing after an interval of 6months, the longest period of silence in the Cathedral since the English Civil War!

The tradition of choral Evensong has been an integral part of Canterbury Cathedral’s daily worship which has been unbroken for nearly 1,400 years, which places it as one of the longest established musical foundations in the world.

Young children are auditioned to become ‘novice choristers’ – a good voice is only one aspect of what is required in this most demanding of tasks, others include pitch, a good ear, stamina, an ability to pick out different tones and voices... and of course self-discipline.

In recent years the Cathedral has also auditioned for girl choristers, and the current female choir have already been recognised for the quality of their choral singing.

Concorde International regularly takes its students and clients to visit the Cathedral, and to attend Evensong is a must at the end of a busy day, to sit quietly and recognise that there is indeed another, greater dimension and Higher Power than ourselves as our spirits are lifted by the soaring angelic voices of the choristers.

If you are unable to get to Canterbury, do just go on the Cathedral’s website to experience it for yourself – wherever you are!

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