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Preparing for an English university

Breaking news!– Fantastic result! Congratulations!

100% pass rate for all our students who took the NCC Foundation Diploma!


Students at Hampshire Collegiate School

On the discovery trail in Kent - the Garden of England!

The new book by a former student of Concorde International Ms Kayo Shigemori has just ‘gone live’ and is a wonderful easy read about Kent.


Teacher Training on the UK

Tense yourself for CELTA!

This Cambridge accredited Certificate in Teaching is an intensive 4 week course – often used as a springboard to a new future by recent graduates, by those taking early retirement, or by people in the teaching profession who want to have a ‘travel skill’ to use around the world.


Emre from Cyprus winning his cinema tickets

Congrats to Emre from Cyprus

Congrats to Emre from Cyprus for winning his free Cinema ticket!


Canterbury by the riverside

Study English in England with Concorde International

The best place to study English is undoubtedly the beautiful UNESCO heritage city of Canterbury with its charming medieval cobbled streets, historic houses and magnificent Cathedral, and of course the home of Chaucer's "Canterbury Tales".


Student and host family

Homestay is the way to study English

If you are thinking of coming over to the UK to study English this year, what better way to help you do this than to choose homestay as your accommodation during your course.


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