Work Skills Plus Programme

  • For students 18+
  • Flexible course units which meet expectations of employment providers
  • Development of skills for the workplace
  • For British and EU students students: 6-36 week course

As WorkSkills Plus currently satisfies current visa requirements it is recommended students look at our Work Experience Pages and consider taking an optional Work Placement in the UK on successful completion of their Work Skills + course.

General English, Exam Preparation and WorkSkills + Programmes

PRICE (per week)
Registration Fee: £80
Short-Term Course - 2-10 weeks 15 hours £180
25 hours £232
Mid-Term Course - 11-20 weeks 15 hours £172
25 hours £216
Long-Term Course - 21-30 weeks 15 hours £156
25 hours £204
From 31 weeks + 15 hours £148
25 hours £196
IELTS or TOEFL Preparation only 10 hours
(afternoon classes)
10 hours £120
Work Experience (One off consultation fee): EU Students Only
: Placement up to 12 weeks £396
: Placement 12+ weeks £532
1 Hour = 60 minutes

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Introducing the WorkSkills Plus qualification in partnership with Edexcel

This course is fully accredited and is on the National Qualifications Framework. It can be taken either as a BTEC Award (6 credits); a BTEC Certificate (18 credits); and is highly valued by employers in different industries.

3 easy steps for your studies and personal development plan:

  • Step 1 English language skills improvement
  • Step 2 WorkSkills Plus BTEC units from Personal Life Skills; Sustainable Employability Skills; Work Placement Skills; and Skills for Business
  • Step 3 An optional period of work experience in a company in Britain

The WorkSkills Plus course is the most challenging and rewarding course on offer, designed to give you practical skills for the world of work and lifelong learning.

Course units include modules on CV writing, job applications in Britain, critical thinking, self-motivation, negotiation and persuasion skills, project management and entrepreneurship skills.

The aim of the WorkSkills Plus course is to develop the ‘ABC’ of employability requested by companies:
Attitude in the workplace, Behaviour in the workplace and Communication in the workplace

Workskills Plus course

This course fully complies with the new visa regulations instituted in March 2010 by British immigration authorities UKBA.

This course is designed to give users a set of functional and ’soft skills’ in preparation for the world of work, and offers an optional work experience placement at the end of the course. 

It will offer practical sessions on how to make the transition from being a student to becoming ‘work-ready’ for a placement in a British company or for future career development.

This is not abstract theory – you will be equipped at the end of a course with a well presented CV, a strategy for succeeding at interviews.

Typically ‘Personal Life skills’ tutorials will focus on:

  • career development planning or progression
  • drafting & writing the best CV possible
  • concentrating on interview techniques
  • strategies for confident presentations

‘Workskills/Employability skills’ tutorials will relate to expectations of employers:

  • good communication skills;
  • positive attitudes & behaviours at work; teamwork/ interpersonal social skills
  • problem-solving; multi-tasking
  • IT literacy
  • setting & meeting targets; work/time management

For those who complete the BTEC course – there is an Edexcel Award or Certificate – both qualifications are recognised by British employers.

For further details and terms & conditions please email us

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