Language Development & Work Experience Programme

We are delighted to welcome you onto the Work Experience Programme in Concorde International. We hope this gives you valuable information about what to expect and how the course is structured.

If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to ask us, we are here to support you throughout your placement. There is a dedicated Work Placement Officer called Denise, who can be reached via email:

The course you are applying for at Concorde International is designed to refresh and extend your language skills in English and then give immediate application of those skills in a real business environment.

In order that you may take full advantage of the opportunities presented by the programme in gaining the skills, confidence and experience necessary for personal development in your chosen profession, it is most important to note the following information:

Your First Day at Concorde International

On arrival at Concorde International, a comprehensive analysis of linguistic skills shall be completed. These may include interviews with language tutors and business consultants, who will assess your English level and will confirm your course and work experience preferences.

You will be required to sit an English level assessment test after which the Director of Studies will place you in the most appropriate tutorial group for your language level.

In your second week you will have an introductory meeting with the Work Placement Officer. Please email Denise at to arrange a time for this meeting. This appointment will be a time for you to discuss your CV and placement opportunities. Do not be alarmed if you haven’t received your company placement before you arrive in England! We like to arrange for you to have an interview with your host company during your English course. You will generally be advised of your host business one week before commencing work experience.

Step 1 - Language Skills Development

General English: 15 hours tuition per week with qualified teachers who will focus on the accuracy of language and concentrate on your ability to communicate effectively in the work place and in social situations.

You will be joining other students who are following a variety of courses in the School. Class size is restricted to 12 students maximum.

Step 2 - Work Experience

Work placements are chosen to match, as closely as possible, your profession or area of study, your previous work background and your language competency.

The businesses are generally located in the South East of England, but occasionally a placement may be offered at a greater distance. Placements will not be in Canterbury where you will only do your English course. Please be aware that accommodation costs outside of Canterbury are higher, so you will need to have planned your budget accordingly e.g. London accommodation can be from £150 per week. If you prefer you may arrange your own accommodation after you have been advised of your host company.

As our host businesses are enterprises of high standing and heavy workload the choice of work experience placement depends on your language skills level, and your ability to communicate effectively in the workplace so the harder you work in Step 1 the better your experience in Step 2.

As soon as a suitable placement has been arranged you will be contacted and informed of the details. Placements are subject to interview which shall be arranged before you complete your language classes. The Work Placement Officer shall guide you through the interview process but you shall attend interviews on your own and at your own travel cost.

Please read the following terms and conditions:

Before arrival

  • Every student must provide a CV before arrival in the UK and feedback to Concorde International before they leave their work placement.
  • All students must provide in order of preference 3 sectors of interest in which to work. Concorde International will try to find a student’s first choice but if 15 companies have refused the placement Concorde International will look towards the second choice and as a last resort the third choice.
  • Students must have B1 CEFR level of English or higher
  • Students are not paid a salary. Students are not to negotiate financial payments with a company.
  • Students who fail two interviews are not seen to have the skills needed for their sector of work. Concorde International reserves the right to offer a placement in line with their skills or to cease the contract and no fees would be reimbursed
  • A student shall be offered one work placement that is in an area requested by the participant. Activities in this work area may vary throughout your placement and be changed according to academic and language ability. This will also be determined by the participant’s determination, initiative and independence. Participants cannot refuse a placement that clearly falls into their sector of interest.

In placement

  • A work placement can take place anywhere in the UK. Many of our host companies are in London and the South East and participants must be flexible regarding the location. Students cannot reject a placement due to its location or size.
  • Students must allow a settling in time of at least 7-10 days within a company.
  • Students must inform Concorde of any problems should they arise whilst on work placement. It is advised to discuss any problems first with your placement supervisor to see if these can be eradicated but failing this Concorde International will do their best to resolve any problems or misunderstandings. Weekly email contact is expected.
  • Students must be mindful of the company’s rules and procedures at all times. Students must comply with working hours, codes of dress and carry out tasks requested by the supervisor at all times. Concorde and the host company can withdraw the participant from the work placement if his or her behaviour is not in accordance with those outlined by the company.
  • The participant must not use the telephone, e-mail or Internet for his or her own personal use.
  • Students are not paid a salary. Students are not to negotiate payments with a company.
  • Transport to and from interviews and work is the student’s own responsibility and at their own cost.
  • Students must be in weekly contact with the Work Experience Co-ordinator. Any absence must be recorded with the Host Company and Concorde International on the first day of absence.
  • Any holiday must be agreed before Work Placement commences so it can be documented accordingly.
  • All students must adhere to our Attendance Policy.

Legal notices

  • In the event that Concorde International is unable to provide a placement for Work Experience within the agreed sectors the student will be entitled to a refund of their placement fee and no other financial compensation. It will be open for the student to continue their studies at the school with a discount of 25% off their tuition fees.
  • Should a student voluntarily terminate the work placement, notice of at least one week must be given to Concorde and to the place of work. We do not offer a second placement and no fees would be reimbursed, however if there is good cause we will do our best to place you in another company.
  • Concorde International will not be responsible for any injury to or by students or to any third party other than our common law legal liability in respect of negligent acts on our part. In no circumstances will we be responsible for consequential losses irrespective of how they are caused. Students must take out full comprehensive insurance for the period of their stay in the UK.