Work Experience Frquently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which Vocational Sectors are available for me to do Work Experience in?
Concorde International is able to find placements in a wide range of sectors of work. If your request is especially specific please contact our Work Experience Co-ordinator and we shall try to fulfill your requirements.

What are the advantages of doing work experience?

  • Work Experience helps your CV stand out, it shows future employers that you are committed to a career in your specified area.
  • Work Experience allows you the opportunity to put your academic learning into practice in real life working environments
  • You will develop your skills and language competence
  • You will be fully immersed in British culture
  • Most students graduating have had some form of Work Experience. If you do not have any you will put yourself at a severe disadvantage in the job market. International Work Experience will help promote your CV to the top of the pile!

Will I get paid?
All of our work placements are unpaid as students are in excess of the usual workforce. Long placements however, have been known to help with the cost of expenses once a student has proven their ability to work well.

Can I change placement if I don’t like it?
If you are unhappy you must contact the Work Experience Co-ordinator who will try to sort out your problem. You must not leave a placement without their permission and if you do so this can lead to termination of your contract. If Concorde International deems there is good reason to complain they will find a new work placement for you.

Is there a minimum level of English required?
Yes, all students must have at least an Intermediate level of English. For some placements, an Advanced level may be required.

What hours will I work?
Hours of work can vary depending on the sector of work your placement is in. Students are expected to follow the usual pattern of shifts of any other employee. Many shops and services are open on Saturdays and increasingly so on Sundays and some work placements will require some evening or early morning work too. Students are expected to work a Full-Time Working Week and are not expected to exceed 37 hours per week.

What type of Work Experience should I ask for?
Whilst work experience that is related to your course or future career is most useful in terms of enhancing your CV, these opportunities may be difficult to find without any experience. It is worth considering all options. The real value of work experience is what you learn from it and you can learn many relevant skills from all sorts of sectors of work which are transferable into other professions.

I don’t have a CV to send. Is this a problem?
A CV is of vital importance when applying for Work Experience. Students must provide a CV that is approved by the Work Experience Co-ordinator before it is sent out to prospective companies. The good news is we are here to help; be warned you will be expected to work hard on this document but the good news is you will have the basis of a good CV that will serve you well for the rest of your career!

Will I need an interview?
Yes, most students will need to complete an interview. Please ensure you have suitable clothing to wear for this. Dress neatly and conservatively. Men usually wear black, blue or gray suits and ties. Women wear dresses or conservative skirt or trouser suits, with simple accessories. Concorde International will help you through the interview process by helping you prepare fully.