What is Work Experience?

A student work placement is a period of Work Experience within the work place. There are many advantages to an employer who offers Work Placements;

  • It can help you reduce costs and make better use of your time,
  • It can free up members of staff to do other duties,
  • It can develop new recruitment channels,
  • It can allow projects to be completed for research value.

Work experience placements are both cost effective and flexible. Students are generally Graduates with a good sense of team work and subject knowledge. They are enthusiastic and come with fresh ideas and lots of enthusiasm!

Setting up a work experience placement needn’t be difficult, and it can bring positive business benefits to organisations of all shapes and sizes. Some organisations choose to give students a project to work on for the duration of their placement.

Typical projects undertaken by students include:

  • Marketing and market research;
  • Developing IT systems;
  • Design and implementation of databases;
  • Creating a website;
  • HR Surveys
  • Customer feedback and Evaluations
  • Translating texts
  • Developing new overseas Contacts
  • Sales development
  • Research and development;
  • Writing new software;

Other placements include Work shadowing: Where a student observes a member of staff working in an organisation, and so gains an understanding of what a particular job entails.

A more general work placement enables students to gain general experience within a certain work environment by working alongside colleagues with day to day duties that will vary. This can include general administration, answering the telephone, making tea and coffee etc. Students who get immersed in the workings of the company from day one are provided with excellent commercial experience and they can begin to make a real contribution to the business early on.

Work Experience should be seen as a real asset, please see our testimonials to see what other businesses say.