Employer FAQs

Work Experience Employer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

As an employer hosting a work experience student what do I need to do in regard to Health and Safety?
When you offer a work experience placement to students you have the same responsibilities for their health, safety and welfare as for your entire workforce. Under health and safety law, these students will be regarded as your employees. All individuals taken on for any period of time should receive a basic induction. It is advisable to carry out a Health & Safety Risk Assessment and managers/supervisors should be reminded that they have a duty to ensure the health and safety of individuals on work experience, and to communicate the health & safety policy to them.

Do students have their own insurance?
Any individual on work experience should be covered adequately by the company’s Employers Liability Compulsory Insurance, Occupiers Liability Insurance and Public Liability Insurance. However on top of this we advise each individual student to take out their own personal insurance for the duration of their stay in the UK.

What paperwork do I need to complete?
It is recommended for both the student and the employer that a Job Description is written prior to the work placement taking place. This does not have to be adhered to completely and duties are likely to change and develop but an idea of the Work Programme is useful for all involved. This needs to show the student will be given meaningful tasks to perform and will be able to identify how their input fits the business objective.

Employers are also asked to complete feedback at the end of the placement. This is a short form that takes no more than 10 minutes to complete. Some employers choose to go through feedback individually with students. Individuals on work experience benefit from constructive and helpful feedback on their skills, attendance and enthusiasm.

What happens if the student is not working well can we request them to leave?
Due to weekly monitoring Concorde International are highlighted very quickly to any problems that may be taking place. We act very quickly to ensure these problems are resolved within the work place. If a suitable resolution cannot be met we remove the student from the work place.

Do I have to pay my Work Experience student?
As all of our students are enrolled on a course of study they do not require payment for their Work Experience. However as many of our students are self funded and out on placement for long periods of time it can be a huge strain on them financially. If students are with employers for a long period and are making valuable contributions to the work place we do ask you to consider helping with expenses if in a position to do so.