English Work Experience In Transportation

English Work Experience in LogisticsI worked initially in the  sales department, I did a lot of prospecting for new business, it was very interesting to learn the “English Way” to improve my knowledge in sales. I worked to introduce French transport operators to The Special Carrier, which was a great start, speaking to French Companies then discussing their requirements and interests with the operational team.

Subsequently,  I  worked in the operations department too so I was often on phone with customers and  drivers and I think my listening is much better and I am much more confident to speak . For me it was just perfect because, I've studied international trade and transport so the work placement stayed within my field.  My mentor was great.

In my opinion, the best way to improve your knowledge in foreign languages is to work and stay with people who speak the language, it`s not always easy but the progress is more important. So if people have the chance to take part in this experience I really recommend it.

If I can give any advice I think it's to assimilate the different cultural aspects,  respect them and be able to adapt.

Written by Lucile, a French student who completed an 8 week placement in Dover.

Published by: Concorde International

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