The sun shines in Canterbury...

English Courses in CanterburyVery often when people talk about England the first (negative) thoughts go to the weather, gloomy skies, rain and wind.

Sadly this common belief is not entirely untrue, often the sun is hidden behind the clouds and rainy days are common.

What really impressed me is how the city changes when the sun finally comes out.

In the street the mood is joyful, people walk around in their summer frocks, sandals and sunglasses, oblivious of their pale complexion.

The high street turns into a stage with buskers and street artists at every corner, whilst passers-by walk slowly enjoying an ice-cream or an iced drink.

On such beautiful sunny days the town people and the tourists gather at the Westgate Gardens, the wonderful park in the heart of the town, where they relax, play ball, read, or simply take a stroll.

Canterbury under the sun is a place of happiness!

This was written by Adriana, an Italian student at Concorde International.

Published by: Concorde International

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