My Last Week In Canterbury!

English Courses in EnglandI don’t want my last blog to be sad and tearful, but as I am approaching the end of my stay I am already feeling nostalgic and I have not even left yet!

My internship ends on Friday 23rd June but I have decided to stay in England one more week to enjoy the cool English breeze before facing Palermo’s sizzling temperatures. I have not made any plans for my last week yet but this will be my time as a tourist; I will visit friends in London and then come back to Canterbury to say goodbye to the people I met here.

I long for my home but at the same time I want to stay. I have started to enjoy life in a small town and don’t fancy getting back to a chaotic city. But I came here for a study and work experience which had a start and an end date and such experiences are enjoyable for that very reason, sooner or later they end, before boredom sets in.

Looking back at my time here I can say it has been a positive, enriching experience. I met people from all over the world, my English has improved and did some work experience, albeit for a short period.

English Courses in EnglandI would like to give some advice to all those who, like me, have been thinking of coming to the United Kingdom but have been postponing it time and time again, because they are worried about the language barrier. Don’t be scared, think outside the box and look at the world beyond Italy. Coming face to face with the English culture and language may not be always easy, but step by step you will get results.

My first piece of advice it to choose a mid-size town, like Canterbury, which has a lot to offer without London’s chaos and traffic. This also helps to save money, London’s rents are very high and public transport is also expensive. Canterbury is a friendly place and being only a couple of hours away from London’s buzzing nightlife you can easily travel there over the weekend or just for a day.

Buy your coach tickets in advance on the National Express website to get the best price. If you prefer to travel by train, train operators often have deals for people travelling together, find out on

If you want to improve your English, joining a course at the school is a good way to learn the language and meet people from all over the world, a unique and unforgettable experience. If finances are a problem you could try getting a job at one of the many shops or restaurants in the town. Sometimes they look for non qualified staff, so have your CV ready in English, it could be useful! Often pubs and restaurants will ask you to fill in an application form, where you can list your work experience and qualifications.

I hope this will help you, goodbye to everybody!!

This was written by Adriana, an Italian student at Concorde International.

Published by: Concorde International

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