International Cookery Competition at Concorde International!

English Language SchoolGood food and eating well are very important and sharing a delicious meals with other people is a real pleasure. But it can also happen that satisfying this simple and basic need turns into a shared multicultural experience.

Last week we decided to organise an international cookery competition amongst Concorde students. Four teams took part: Italy, Spain, Korea and Japan and the arena was the Concorde International Student House, which has already witnessed many dinners and parties this term.

The teams met in the kitchen, which is big enough to allow each team to have their own space; everyone was given a task: cooking, getting the tables ready, supervising - everybody was helping out. After hours of preparation the food was ready for the test.  The table was divided into four sections, one for each nation and soon everybody was tucking in. 

English Summer CoursesI cannot remember the names of the Korean or Japanese dishes but I can say that everything tasted delicious and the whole experience was great fun....the Koreans were inciting the Spaniards to eat their fiery hot food, the Japanese were teaching everybody else how to hold chopsticks...

After the meal we all voted for our favourite dish. Spain won for quality and Korean for presentation. I was not able to cook and show off my culinary skills, so sadly Italy did not win any prizes this time but we all had great fun and will make this a regular event at Concorde International.

This news blog was written by Adriana, an Italian student at Concorde International.

Published by: Concorde International

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