Canterbury Will Always Be In Our Hearts!

Study English in CanterburyCanterbury will always be in our hearts, we had the loveliest time we could ever think of! 

I would like to sum up in a few words the whole beautiful month we had in England. Here go some ideas:

• We walked more than ever and we miss those little streets so much!

• Going shopping almost very day was amazing, not to mention the hard time we had at the airport on our way back!

• The food was very different, but Mc Donald´s reminded us a bit of the Argentinian meat!

• Your history is terrific! We had never visited so many castles, museums and churches or cathedrals.

• The families are so well chosen. We all had different families but they were all great and warm, most of us still keep in touch with them.

• Seeing the Big Ben was just awesome! my students realised it actually existed, you can´t imagine their faces and the so many pictures they took of it.

• The visit to the London Eye was the best, London is beautiful itself!

• For me visiting Cambridge was amazing too. Our books come from Cambridge and we were right there!

• Oxford, Harry Potter'ss remembrance was so nice too.

• It was colder than we expected as well but you know what, it´s snowing right now in Pico Truncado.

My special thanks to Ale too. The way she arranged everything for us was fantastic!

Ann, I miss the chat and the tea we used to have in the morning. thank you again!!

So, thank all of you for the lovely time, your patience, your responsibility and commitment.

I promise we will be back!

This was written by Andrea, the group leader for a party of Argentinian students at Concorde International.

Published by: Concorde International

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