English Work Experience In Tourism

English Tourism Work ExperienceI had an interview at the Visitor Information Centre, which I expected to be more serious, but the work experience consultant and her team were really friendly. She asked me about the expectations I had on work experience and gave me a short introduction on how the visitor centre works. My job was to help visitors and answer the telephone, which wasn't always easy! I also stocked leaflets or read them to get to know more about Thanet.

At the Town Partnership I got a great inside view of what it means to organise social events. My job there was to type letters, do photocopying, do research on the internet, to create invitations and hand out letters. This might seem boring but it really wasn't! My supervisor was such a nice guy and I had a lot of fun with him.

I would recommend Concorde's work skills and work experience to anyone who wants to get an inside view and real insights into an English business. It would be advisable to have a rough idea about what you want to do with your future career so that you can find an appropriate placement that is interesting for you.

I start my studies in International Culture and Business next year, so I took part in this internship to get a better idea of what kind of job I'd like to do after I finish my studies. It was fantastic for me to have these two very different placements. In the town partnership I worked with just one person, who spent lots of time on a computer writing emails or on the telephone organising things. At the other placement I worked with a team and had a lot to do with visitors.

Written by Franziska.

Published by: Concorde International

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