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Technical English Language Work Experience CourseVictor is from Spain and has a degree although no previous English work experience. We helped him with technical English language preparation and found her a placement as a product development researcher at a test equipment manufacturer.

What kind of tasks did you have to do as part of your placement?

I had to test a new product made with a epoxy resin, researching and suggesting some improvements. I had to make different statistical studies with the failure products, making faster the way to reject the products with just the initial tests, that save money and time in the manufacturing process.

What are the main differences between working in the UK and your home country?

Working in England you feel like the rest of the people of the company, but in my country you can see difference. The boss in my country doesn't respect me in the same way as my boss in England.

Would you recommend UK work experience with Concorde to future students?

I think it´s necessary for all the people of the world who want to learn English and wants to start having a job related with their degree. Here you can gain experience in your degree and at the same time you are learning lot of English, more than in a school. After an experience working in England the people are going to have more opportunities to find a job in the rest of the world.

What problems did you have, if any, and how did you overcome them?

The big problem was at the beginning of the internship the communication, because I didn't have an excellent level of English so lots of times I didn't understand something or people didn't understand me. But at the end of the internship my English was more fluid and people told me they could understand me all the time.

Do you have any advice for future students?

My advice is don't hesitate thinking to do or not this work experience, just do it!

Do you feel like you were properly prepared for your placement?

Yes, I was.

Did you attend Concorde's Work Skills course before your placement?

Yes. The work skills are necessary because of you learn how are the job interviews face to face in England and you prepare in the correct way your C.V. But I think you don't need more than one month having work skills course. With one month is enough to have your job interviews.

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