English Work Experience in Computer Software

Software English Language Work Experience CourseAntonella is from Italy and has a degree but no previous English work experience. We helped her with technical English language preparation and found her a placement at a leading product design company as a software analyst.

What kind of tasks did you have to do as part of your placement?

Documentation for an embedded video projects for an automotive customer, using Enterprise Architect to document a design in UML from C++.

What are the main differences in working practice between the UK and your home country?

During my tasks I was very independent and I could handle my own time.

Would you recommend UK work experience with Concorde to future students?

Yes, I do. This experience is useful not only for the language but also for to discover how is the world of the work and try to become independent.

What problems did you have, if any, and how did you overcome them?

My host family was wonderful and so no problems with them. The only funny time was at work - the project manager was very busy and so I started to send email for don't bother him, I tried also to handle my task searching a solution to my doubts, for example using the internet.

Do you have any advice for future students?

Yes, I have. I think that is very important trying to resolve problems on your own initiative.

Do you feel like you were properly prepared for your placement?

I think next time I would do a two month course of general English to improve more before my placement.

Did you attend Concorde's Work Skills course before your placement?

Yes. It is very useful to learn how to prepare a perfect English CV. I'd like to say thank you to Denise who helped me prepare and get my placement, she is a wonderful person from both the personal and professional perspective!

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