English Work Experience at Scientific Company

Scientific English Language Work Experience CourseWeiwei is from Taiwan and has a degree although no previous English work experience. We helped her with scientific English language preparation and found her a placement as a screening scientist as a company working on cancer therapies.

What kind of tasks did you have to do as part of your placement?

Single point activity assay, IC50 assay, Fluorescence assay, gel assay, transformation, Minipreps, Maxipreps, site-direct mutagenesis, primer design, experiment data entring, analysis and record keeping.

Would you recommend UK work experience with Concorde to future students?

Yes. It’s a good way to learn English and professional skills. Besides, if a company is recruiting, it is a great opportunity to introduce yourself to the company by doing work experience instead of having a long interview!

What problems did you have, if any, and how did you overcome them?

I made a mistake on an important experiment. Since I noticed the mistake I made and there was no way to make it up, I admitted my mistake to a senior scientist who works in the same team. Then I went to the office of head of biology and chemistry to apologise sincerely, because of the mistake, the company needs to order new compounds for testing which takes few weeks to deliver and it is costly. I will always remember the mistake I made and do not make the same mistake ever again.

Do you have any advice for future students?

Attitude. Be modest, active, brave to face mistakes and learn from it. Listen to seniors and do your duty carefully. If any mistake is made, report to your line manager. Don´t try to hide your mistake because I believe most of them have made the same mistake before, they may have a way to solve it.

Do you feel like you were properly prepared for your placement?

Yes. At the time I have had a good CV and had some preparations of an interview. 

Did you attend Concorde's Work Skills course before your placement?

 Yes. It is crucial to attend the Work Skills course. My CV, interview preparation and confidence were built from the course. I love the teacher Denise.  She listens to each student and provides specific assists according to student’s needs!

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