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Design English Language Work Experience CourseAlessio is from Italy, is working on her degree and has no previous English work experience. We helped her with design and technical English language preparation and found her a placement as a design engineer at a product design company.

What kind of tasks did you have to do as part of your placement?

In the first part I learned to use a new software tool, CADSTAR, for draw the schematics and create the PCBs. Later I tested some electronic units developed some months ago. Finally I designed a new small ethernet camera, this was my main project. In the last days of my work experience I made and assembled different cameras for the costumers.

What are the main differences in working practice between the UK and your home country?

In Italy we are more flexible and open. In our sector we can do anything. Here, in UK, if you are there for do this you will do only this. Not multitasking. Besides we are friendlier than UK people, especially in the first period. In my experience it was this the big difference between Italy and UK.

Would you recommend UK work experience with Concorde to future students?

Of course! It is a different experience. A different way to see the job, sometimes good sometimes not. But, in my opinion, it is necessary if you want increase your skills and knowledge.

What problems did you have, if any, and how did you overcome them?

Fortunately I had not any problems in my job. Maybe only the language was the real problem! But day by day the things went better, it is a satisfaction when you succeed understand and express oneself!

Do you have any advice for future students?

Guys be positive and ready at all! Only in this way you will enjoy an amazing experience!

Do you feel like you were properly prepared for your placement?

Yes, and the preparation was very interesting.

Did you attend Concorde's Work Skills course before your placement?

Yes. It was very informative and interesting. Besides you can use it also in "a real life" not only in this work experience in UK. Denise, and Concorde in general, thank you so much for everything!

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