Work-Experience Placement at Concorde International

A recent student at Concorde International has shared his experience of studying English in England at Concorde International.

English in England- Work Experience

I have been studying English in England for over two months and in this time I have dramatically improved my English and learnt some invaluable skills through my work placement.


Concorde International  found a work placement for me in a web marketing / web design Company- ExtraDigital. The work placement allowed me to improve my data processing skills and especially my English expertise! All the team at ExtraDigital were very friendly, I was very made to feel welcomed and sometimes after the work we went to a pub for a good pint of beer! Through my work experience it has helped my English skills significantly especially English for business and small talk  ( chit-chat as our teacher John was saying ! )

My host family at Concorde International have been very friendly, we have built tight friendship bonds and it will be difficult to leave England.

I have made friendships with my work team, host family, and students from all continents … The Concorde experience has been very rewarding in improving my English skills and I will miss it very much.

Published by: Concorde International

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