Learning English in Kent is easier with improved transport connections

If you live in Europe and want to visit England to learn or improve your English language skills, then Canterbury is the ideal place to do this. The transport connections to Canterbury are now excellent, making it easily accessible from Europe. Concorde International is one of the longest established language schools in the city and offers great quality English language courses.  

Since the introduction of the Eurostar, Kent has enjoyed great high speed train connections from Lille, Paris and Brussels. You can catch the Eurostar and be in Kent within a few hours. The Eurostar stops at Ashford in Kent, which is very close to Canterbury, and you can then catch a connecting train. Now, with the introduction of High Speed 1 (HS1) trains around a year ago, this connection is very quick. These new high speed trains in Kent mean that you can travel in comfort all the way from Europe to Canterbury.

The HS1 trains stop at stations including Ashford International and Canterbury West on their way to and from London. This also means whilst you are staying in Canterbury to study English, you can also easily visit London. The journey time to London from Canterbury West on HS1 is around an hour, which is much quicker than the standard train service. You can now easily visit London for the day to see the sights and practise your language skills.

So now that the historic city of Canterbury is more accessible for the visitor, it is the perfect place to study English at a language school such as Concorde International. The city has long been popular with tourists and many European school children visit Canterbury for day trips. This makes it a popular destination to come back to later in life to perfect your English and now that it has great transport connections, it can rival cities like Cambridge for the popularity of its English Language courses.

Published by: Concorde International

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