Student Exchanges with China

At the recent summit meeting with British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, in Beijing, the Chinese Premier, Wen Jiabao, agreed the importance for student exchanges.

More and more Chinese students are taking the opportunity to travel to England to improve their English and this is shown in the 21 percent increase in visas issued for students coming to the UK in 2008.

"An increasing number of jobs for managers in China require spoken English as an essential skill, and students recognise the importance of English in the international market place even more during the present recession", said Ms Carole Liu at Concorde International in Canterbury.

The school founded 45 years ago and accredited by the British Council, is welcoming students from China who are preparing for university entrance in the UK. Chinese students like Canterbury very much” said Miss Liu “its a small city, safe and friendly with three universities so students can meet and make friends across the world, its also very near to London”.

Students wanting to know more about studying in England, IELTS and university entry can contact

Published by: Concorde International

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