German School Keeps Coming Back To Concorde

It is at least the silver jubilee for a German school in Hildesheim, who have been sending students to Concorde to study English in England for over 25 years this year.

Year after Year!

canterbury-activities.jpgRoger Baris of Gymnasium Andreanum first started coming to Concorde in the 1980s. He first visited the Hythe area and has been coming to Concorde for so long that he can’t quite remember how he initially heard of us – but is fairly sure it was either one of our brochures or just word of mouth.

In fact a lot of our students and agents first found us by hearing recommendations from friends and colleagues (and we still get people calling us having heard from former students how much fun they had studying with us, and wanting to try the “Concorde Experience” for themselves). If you’d like to see what a student from your area said about their time in England with us, take a look at our course testimonials page.

The first groups from Hildesheim used to stay with Concorde for two weeks at a time, but groups now come in a more compact timeframe of nine days. In fact Roger has stayed with Concorde (on and off) for over a full year when he adds up all the time he’s spent with us, and has brought over 1,000 students to us over the years!

Experience the English way of life!

canterbury3.jpgRoger says he comes back to Concorde year after year because it is so easy to work
with our staff to ensure his students get the best possible experience on their English courses. He loves being able to get involved in the English way in life during his visits – not just the language but the local history, sports and everyday life of his students, as well as being able to visit Canterbury Cathedral. Most of his students are from different classes in their school so get a chance to properly mix and interact when they come to us, as well as being able to socialise with other students from all around the world while at Concorde.

See all the sights

cathedral.jpgWe have always encouraged a great social programme for all our students (of all ages) and as well as organising excursions and visits to local sights and attractions we have plenty of fun activities regularly taking place in and around our study centres themselves to give students ample opportunity to get to know each other outside of their language classes.

If you’d like to know more about our year round English courses for school groups get in touch by calling 0044 1227 451035 or emailing We also have plenty of other courses on offers for individuals and groups of all ages and abilities – take a look around our website or have a browse through our English course brochures to find out more, and we hope to see you joining us in the “Concorde Experience” soon!

Published by: Concorde International

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