English Language School in England finding that more and more overseas students are making the UK their first choice destination

With the current rate of exchange there has never been a better time to enrol for study in England.

EnglishUK the professional association for schools accredited by the British Council has reported widespread optimism from its member schools.

One of the members, Concorde International School in Canterbury also provides Summer School programmes for Junior students in Ashford, Bath, Canterbury, Cambridge, London, Rochester(Kent) and by the seaside in Folkestone.

The school marketing manager David Hawkins writing in the industry Language Travel magazine has emphasised the importance of booking early to confirm space for the summer courses “Parents should be deciding now and booking flights, they may find there is no space if they leave it to the last minute”.

Concorde International has been organising Junior Summer Schools for 45 years and has gained an excellent reputation for the quality of its English course and the personal care given to every student. Summer School provide the ideal environment for young people to improve their English and make friends across the world, for further information see www.concorde-int.com or email info@concorde-int.com

Published by: Concorde International

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