2012 Olympics was an International Success for London and GB!

The perception of the London 2012 Olympics from visitors and viewers around the world has been very positive. Many countries praised the organisation and the atmosphere of the 2012 Games.

After initial scepticism about transport, organisation and facilities many international visitors to the Olympics - and those who watched it on TV around the world - were really impressed with what we had to offer.


The 2012 Olympics has done great things for the perceptions of Britain overseas and has also fostered a new sense of achievement and desire to succeed in our own country. Svenska Dagbladet, a Swedish fan of the London Olympics, even said “can we have London hosting all future games?” Some other great comments from international visitors included:

“Amazingly funny and stylish, Britain at its best!” Sweden TV4

“The modern Olympics is not merely a sporting event. It is also a platform to showcase the destination. London has presented its great culture and heritage, splendid countryside and the inspiring sporting events in front of the world by capitalising on the opportunity.” China, CCTV

The Olympic Games really showed what a spectacular show Great Britain can put on if we really put our minds to it. We really are 'Cool Britannia' again in the eyes of the rest of the world.

With this renewed interest in the UK it is now likely that more international visitors will be coming over who want to see what we have to offer and perhaps learn English whilst they are here.

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You can read some more great comments from various countries about the London 2012 Olympic Games in this review of by Visit Britain.

Published by: Concorde International

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