English Courses Aren’t Just For Executives

English for TradespeopleIf someone mentions the term “English Language Courses for Professionals” most people will likely think of high powered salespeople and business executives who want to expand their career prospects by becoming fluent in another language used throughout the world so they can grow their companies, bring in more sales commissions and generally make a bigger splash in the business world. This is actually a complete fallacy! Taking an adult English course can drastically improve the prospects of anyone in any walk of life, and many people do it just for fun, because they enjoy the challenge of learning and mastering a new language.

Concorde International recently played host to a large group of over 400 French tradespeople who were visiting the UK to get a taste of British life and take the opportunity to improve their English language skills. This varied group included butchers, bakers, chocolatiers, hairdressers, mechanics, waitresses, beauticians and many more of this type of hands-on professional who wanted to experience the UK, broaden their horizons and improve their English language skills while they were here. The visit was organised by the Chamber of Trade which is encouraging many French nationals in the trade sector to get a taster of another European country and expand their language skills while abroad.

This isn’t the first time Concorde has played host to tradespeople, and nor will it be the last – every year we get dozens of groups coming to our English school to take one of our courses and broaden their language skills. As well as our general adult and junior English courses we also offer a range of solutions tailored for particular industries and trades so no matter what your profession – be it a lawyer, banker, farmer, mechanic, deep sea mining engineer or anything else – we can supply an English language course fully tailored to suit you, either in a group (bring your friends or ask around members of your local trade union!) or in a one to one English masterclass with our expert individual teachers.

To give you an idea of the sheer variety of the expertise we can offer for professional English language learners, here are just a few of the specialist areas we have taught English for in the last couple of years:




Football Management





Chefs / Cooks

Automotive Mechanic

Industrial Mechanic

Pastry Chefs


Fishing / Piscine Science




Art Gallery Staff

Cosmetics Research


Even if you don’t see your industry in this list, there are literally hundreds more – we just don’t have space to show them all! Give us a call today on 0044 1227 451035 or drop us an email at info@concorde-int.com to find out more about how you can boost your career – or just arrange a fun and challenging study break in Britain-  with our professional English language courses.

Published by: Concorde International

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