Concorde International Gets Involved in World Mathematics Olympiad

Concorde International is heralding the start of the UK’s Olympics year in 2012 by helping to organise an event as part of the World Mathematics Olympiad.

The World Olympic Mathematics Contest is popular annual event hosted by China. The worldwide competition is aimed at developing an interest in maths amongst children aged 10-16.

On January 17th 2012, the World Maths Olympics final and closing ceremony will be held at Folkestone’s Pent Valley College in Kent.

Concorde are organising and hosting the competition, in partnership with Pent Valley College. Chinese children and those of other nationalities (aged 10-16) will be testing their fractions, multiplication tables and pie charts!

The competition is in two parts: a paper test and module test. The children take the paper test individually and work together in groups on the module test to solve a number of puzzles.

Maths test

All competitors are given a t-shirt and refreshments as part of the event. The Chinese organisers mark the tests and the results are given out as part of the closing ceremony. The winner receives a fantastic prize of £1,000!

Students from across China and the world take part in this well known contest that tests their maths abilities. The Chinese team are the main competitor; as they have hosted the competition for many years.

However they would like to compete with other nationalities and that’s why they hold the final event of the competition in another country, hence coming to the UK in 2012.

In 2011, the final event of the contest was also held in the UK at a secondary school in Leicester. Over 150 students took part from all over the world.

Concorde International are currently also trying to get KCC involved under the Gifted & Talented Kids of the County, in order to promote the event locally.

Concorde are pleased to be involved in organising such a worthwhile competition that brings many different nationalities together to test their mathematical as well as their language abilities.

For many of the international students, their visit to the UK will be a chance to improve their English language abilities. Concorde International help many students from all over the world to break their language barrier and improve their English at our world famous language school.

To find out more about the World Mathematics Olympiad or learning English at Concorde International read our website.

Published by: Concorde International

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