Mix Study and Social Time When learning a New Language

When people are studying a foreign language course they must spend a significant amount of time studying in order to get to grips with the new language.

If they are learning this new language in the country of its origin it is equally as important to mix with local people and go out on excursions, in order to practice and improve their language skills.

It makes it much easier to absorb a new language when you connect with the culture from which it originates and hear it used in an everyday context. Enjoying excursions to places of interest in that country helps people absorb a new language more because they feel inspired.


It doesn’t have to just be excursions that can help students absorb new languages. Getting involved in team activities and group social events can also make the students relax at the end of their studies and encourage them to try out their new language.

At Concorde International, as well as offering quality English Language courses we also make sure that all our students get involved in after class social activities and fun excursions. We believe this is a great way to help them learn the language quicker and make new friends.

As well as our intensive programmes of study we offer day trips to exciting locations such as Dover Castle and London. We also organise social activities for our students that they can enjoy outside of study hours.

For instance we recently had a pizza making event in Margate that the students really enjoyed. We also have a charity fundraising cake stall on Friday 16th November where we will be raising money for Children In Need.

We like our students to get involved in social activities that will reveal some of the British customs and character, helping them to connect more with the British people and language.

We also hold themed events that make our students from various countries feel more at home in their surroundings. For example we will shortly be holding a Salsa Night and a Japanese themed party, to make our groups of European and Japanese students feel more at home.

So at Concorde International we really do believe that getting language students involved in both fun and educational social activities will ensure they have a fantastic time during their stay in the UK and return home with a better level of English Language skills.  For more information about our English courses and excursions contact us today, or hop on over to the Concorde Social Club on Facebook and take a look at the kind of leisure activities our students are enjoying right now!


Published by: Concorde International

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