Concorde International Celebrates the Jubilee Weekend

English Diamond JubileeThis weekend tens of thousands of British people will be taking to the streets in celebration of the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, which celebrates the 60th year of her reign as Queen of England.

There is a full extended four-day weekend of festivities planned, with many people taking advantage of the additional bank holiday to have street parties and attend gatherings celebrating the occasion.

Sunday 3rd June is the day of the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant, which takes place on the River Thames in London and is made up of over one thousand boats assembled from across the UK, the British Commonwealth and the rest of the world. Central to the flotilla is the Queen’s Royal barge, the Spirit of Chartwell, where the Queen and her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, will travel down the Thames.

The English anti-monarchy group Republic are staging a protest rally at Tower Bridge on Sunday to raise their objections to the event, so even if you don’t support the monarchy there really is something for everyone this weekend!

Many students at Concorde International will be taking advantage of their stay in England to take part in the celebrations, which include galas and street parties which are taking place throughout the country. Students on English study homestay courses who are living with an English family will have a great way to get involved and practice their language skills in a fun and relaxed party setting.

Concorde prides itself on allowing its language students to really participate in English culture while they are on their English study holiday so events like the Diamond Jubilee and the upcoming Olympics are great news for anyone who wants a chance to improve their English language skills while being right in the middle of events which will be known worldwide.

You can learn more about the celebrations on the official Diamond Jubilee website.

However you are interested in this weekend, you can visit England all year round with Concorde’s English study courses to get a taste of British culture and greatly improve your language skills, so to learn more and book your English study holiday, give Concorde a call on 0044 1227 451035 or make an English course enquiry now to start breaking your language barrier!

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