Leading Italian University Announces Planned Switch To English

Studying EnglishOne of Italy’s leading universities, the Politecnico di Milano, has announced that in 2014 it will be switching to English as its primary language. Most of its degree courses, including graduate courses, will be taught and assessed in English, not Italian.

This announcement comes after the university’s rising worries that if it remains Italian speaking it will be unable to compete as an international institution. The university’s rector, Giovanni Azzone, had this to say about the planned changes:

“We strongly believe that our classes should be international, and the only way to have international classes is to use the English language.”

Azzone says that the move is designed to keep up with other global universities, and believes that the experiment will “open up a window of change,” predicting that in the next five to ten years many other Italian universities that wish to compete globally will also be switching entirely to English.

The Politecnico di Milano is one of the oldest universities in Milan and a flagship institution for science, engineering and architecture. Nearly one third of Italy’s architects graduate here, but Professor Azzone says that English has become the language of higher education, especially in science and engineering, so teaching programmes in English will make graduates far more employable.

You can read the full story, which first broke in May this year, on BBC News.

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Published by: Concorde International

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