Improve Job Opportunities

In the present economic climate, an increasing number of overseas students are discovering that an excellent way of improving their job opportunities is to learn English in England and gain valuable work experience with an English company.

Work Experience UK has been formed by a group of British Council accredited Schools and colleges actively involved in the delivery of work experience programmes throughout the UK.

One of the founder members, Concorde International English School in Canterbury has been providing quality work placements for more than 10 years. Students attend classes at the English language school in Canterbury where they improve their language skills and prepare for the work placement.

“We help students create an effective CV and advise them on the best strategies for a successful job interview” said Abby Boswell, Work Placement Counsellor.

“Working practices in the UK, code of conduct, dress and work management are all very important for office integration – however the most important skill is for students to understand and speak English well”.

Concorde International has established an excellent relationship with a wide range of companies to provide work experience in many different sectors.

“In my opinion, if you want to get a good position in an international company in your own country you should do work experience in England .... I’m having a fantastic time here” said Zhanar from Kazakhstan presently working in an oil company based in London.

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Published by: Concorde International

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