Fantastic Fundraising Effort for Children In Need

Concorde International ran a charity fundraising stall for Children In Need last Friday and beat all expectations by raising over double what was achieved at last year’s fundraising event.

The Children In Need cake stall was held on Friday morning by the staff at Concorde for the students. Staff, plus their friends and families baked the cakes which included cupcakes, brownies and other delicious treats.


The staff really got into the spirit of the day by wearing Pudsey hats and spotty, colourful clothes to match Pudsey’s famous spotty eye patch. There were also Pudsey wristbands and pendants for the students to wear, as well as Pudsey decorations around the room.

The common room where the cake sale was held was packed with students clamouring to get the best cakes and the total raised was a recording breaking £147.53, over double last year’s total of £66.73.

The cake stall was first held last year and is now a yearly fundraising event. It is a really great opportunity to raise money for a good cause and get the students and staff together to enjoy a social occasion, plus some delicious food.

One of the students, Hyuna Seo, commented on how much they had enjoyed the event: "Many good hearted students have donated time to charity
and they ate delicious cakes and cookies!

charity cake stall

This year we also had a cake donated from the local Willows Tea Rooms. The cake was put into a raffle which raised £26 alone that was then added to the total cake sales from the stall.

Everyone really did enjoy themselves at the 2012 Children In Need cake sale and we hope to go on building this event in years to come.

This charity event really has quickly become a favourite of both staff and students alike at Concorde International. For a glimpse of some of the other leisure programme activities our students enjoy - including a glimpse at what is happening right now - hop on over to the Concorde Social Club Facebook page for pictures, announcements and more!

Published by: Concorde International

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