English Work Experience helps extend our website

Two students from Latvia worked with a Canterbury based website design company to gain experience working in English with a design company. In Latvia they are studying design.

Krista and John had language classes in the mornings in Canterbury. For some afternoons they worked with Cornish WebServices, the website design company who developed our website. For part of this work they took photographs of their time in England and developed a Flash presentation and a photo gallery of their time studying English.

They also helped with other design work including photography work for some print brochures, logo design, illustrations for a website and the complete design for one small website. This website for All Saints Theatre – www.allsaintstheatre.com is now being built by Cornish WebServices based on this design.

Krista “Thank you very much for this opportunity, and I've learnt so much about designing for websites”.

Concorde arrange relevant work experience with local businesses and organisations as part of some English study courses. The graphic designers on this particular course also visited other design studios.

Cornish WebServices are based in Sturry, a five minute train ride from Canterbury. They provide website design and marketing services.

Published by: Concorde International

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