Concorde International Receives Great Student Feedback

Students at Concorde International enjoy both learning and staying in Canterbury. When we interviewed some students recently they mentioned how great the English teaching was, but also how much they have enjoyed staying with their host families and exploring the sights of the city.

The atmposphere at Concorde International was said to be ‘kind and friendly’ and one French student said ‘you feel relaxed so you can’t be shy’. Another student from Argentina who only studied here for one week said that he felt like he had ‘been here for months.’

The quality of teaching and the friendliness of the teachers were deemed to be excellent and a Korean student said that as well as learning English, he had also started to learn how to teach it. He enthused, ‘I have learnt effective teaching.’

When talking about the city of Canterbury and the accommodation, students were equally enthusiastic. Canterbury was said to be ‘a good place for studies, not big but with everything you need.’ Students liked the historical buildings and because of the student population it was said to be ‘a very young city’. This makes Canterbury a great place for the students to have fun and make new friends.

The host families that some students are placed with during their stay were also praised several times. One Japanese student said, ‘My host family are kind and they give me nice food. I can practise my English with speaking to host family.’

Published by: Concorde International

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