Concorde Celebrate Christmas

Concorde International recently held their annual Christmas party. This festive get together was organised to celebrate a great year of learning success stories for our English Language School.

The lovely, informal Christmas Party took place on the evening of the last day of term at Concorde. Around 60 students and staff attended the Yultide event.

The delicious Sangria was prepared by Gordon and enjoyed by lots of people. There were also crates of juice and lemonade consumed by others and tables heaving with festive food and Christmas nibbles - that all disappeared very quickly!  

The disco music started in one room, and in the other was a Karaoke room where students took it in turns to be an X Factor star for the evening! There were 2 extra bright stars as the evening unfolded – the first was the Santa-present-giving Vanessa (aka Credit Controller of Concorde International!) handing out presents from voluminous sacks for the ‘guys and gals’!

? South EastAnd the second star was our wonderful Accommodation/Welfare Officer Anne, who on hearing some of the Abba songs from the film ‘Mamma Mia’  leapt up onto a table and danced her own Karaoke version of the song.....all to the delight and laughter of all partygoers who formed a circle and clapped their hands in time to the music! Thanks and well done to Anne.

?LanguageBy midnight the party was over and the students drifted off into the night with their Santa hats and their Reindeer antler head bands, whilst the staff did a fantastic job clearing up from the party. If you would like to see the party – and see what you missed – check the pictures! 

Comments from those who attended included: “Wonderful!”, “Great!”, “Enjoyable!” – “huge fun!”, “I liked Santa and the girls/boys presents!”

? EnglishMany thanks to all the wonderful students who made it such fun – our Vietnamese, Brazilian, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Arabic, Russian and Italian students.....and of course to the wonderful School staff and the teachers – THANK YOU!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to everyone – and remember 2012 the Olympic Year in England – we’re going for GOLD in Concorde! See you next year!

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Published by: Concorde International

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