Concorde Students See Chelsea Play!

Concorde Student at ChelseaChelsea Football Club recently had some extremely excited visitors from Concorde International Language School in Canterbury. A group of Thai students attended a winning match and had the time of their lives.

Football is a game that is renowned for attracting international supporters and bringing nationalities together to enjoy ‘the beautiful game!’ So it was great news when a group of young Thai students managed to secure tickets for Chelsea FC’s recent game against Blackburn Rovers on Sunday 13th May.

It was all smiles when Chelsea drove home the winning goal and managed to beat their opponents by 2 goals to 1. Ardent Chelsea supporter Cheewin Treepratchaya said for him “it was really a dream come true, I had dreamed of seeing my favourite football club Chelsea for 10 years.”

Tickets were secured for the students by staff at Concorde International, who are always eager to give their visiting students the best possible experience when visiting England to learn English.

Cheewin said, “All my friends were jealous when they saw the tickets, we were very lucky.” Five students went to the football game, including one young lady who enjoyed it just as much as the boys!

Cheewin’s favourite player is Didier Drogba but he was excited to see the entire squad in person at the match. The students said they had great seats where they could get a really good view of the pitch.

The group of Thai students are studying at Concorde International for the summer on a General English Course with English Business Studies. Many of them come from Thammasat University, a well-known institution in Thailand that has trained many future captains of industry.

The group of Thai students have found their studies very useful in preparing them for the world of work. Concorde International is popular with people from Thailand, learning English in England helps them to become part of the international community.

It is also a great time to be in England because of the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics, so English Language study visitors can really be part of the international spirit of celebration at this exciting time. They get a chance to practise their English and enjoy some festivities, as well as go on special excursions.

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Published by: Concorde International

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