Student and Staff Christmas Celebration

Concorde students and staff got together today for a fun-filled day of Christmas food, drinks and even sangria from the currently visiting Spanish students. As well as presents for all attending students there was karoke (in a variety of languages!), music and a great deal of dancing.

Everyone had great fun getting their groove on with the range of music on offer, with some of the staff actually surprising the students with their dance skills and everyone ending up in fits of giggles along with the karoke volunteers.

Christmas Celebration 2012 Christmas Celebration 2012

We always run a variety of events over Christmas for our students, both to celebrate the end of term and everyone's hard work and also to let everyone visiting from abroad get a taste of a the fun of an English Christmas with traditions both ancient and modern!

For a glimpse of some of the other leisure programme activities our students enjoy - including a glimpse at what is happening right now - hop on over to the Concorde Social Club Facebook page for pictures, announcements and more!

Published by: Concorde International

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