Cake Stall for Children in Need

Concorde International are raising money for Children In Need 2012. We are holding a cake and cookie sale on Friday 16th November, Children In Need Day.

The cake stall is a yearly event at Concorde International and plenty of staff get involved in baking the cakes.

Our students at Concorde International enjoy sampling the range of typically British cakes and cookies. It is a real social event where students can mix with each other, make friends and improve their language skills all at the same time.

We believe that social events such as these help students to really enjoy their time in the UK because they get a break from their English studies and mix with their fellow pupils.

The Children In Need cake stall will be themed around the charity mascot Pudsey Bear. The kitchen where the cake sale is being held will be decorated with a Pudsey theme and even some of the cakes will be themed around the lovable yellow bear.

We have Pudsey wristbands and pendants that the students can wear and decorations to hang up that will really help everyone get into the spirit of the day.


Last year was Concorde International’s first fundraising event for Children In Need. The 2011 cake stall was extremely successful and we raised over £60 in just half an hour as the students clamoured to buy the cookies and cakes.

We have now made this cake stall a yearly charity event because it was so successful last year. We hope to beat our fundraising record this year and also create a fun social event for students and staff alike.

Published by: Concorde International

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