Success on the intensive business English course

Akira Nagao is a student at Concorde International and is in England attending a two week intensive business course. In his home country of Japan, Akira is a commercial real estate consultant. In order for Akira to increase his English business knowledge we organised a company visit to Lydd airport for him to practice his communication skills and learn more about the operation of regional airports.

Akira-NAGAO---Lydd-Airport-1.JPGIn Japan, Akira advises Japanese clients on how to improve the financial performance of their global property portfolios. Learning English has allowed him to develop more opportunities for his clients. He was keen to improve his general business communication skills and in particular, presentation skills and language.

The company visit enabled him to practise these skills, but was also useful from a business perspective to gain a better understanding of what is involved in operating an airport in the UK in comparison with Japan e.g. ownership and source of investment, alternative sources of income, the difficulties of managing the airport and the role of the government.

Akira-NAGAO---Lydd-Airport-2.JPGBusiness courses can be used to improve communication skills in the work place and ensure you get your point across in meetings, as well as understanding everything that is being discussed. Business concepts can also be easier to understand after you have done a business language course.

During a business English course you will improve your writing, reading and spoken English skills - enabling you to expand your business vocabulary. You may also improve your mathematical skills, learning the essential English you will need for mathematical communications, extremely helpful if it is applicable to the sector you work in.

Concorde International offers professional business English courses at a range of experience levels. Our ABE Business Courses ensure that students learn the language needed for the business environment and are ready to take the ABE examination that results in a qualification in business English.

For more information about our ABE Business English coursescontact us today or browse our website further.

Published by: Concorde International

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