The French are learning to love British food

The French are learning to love English food, English produce is becoming more and more popular with last year’s exports to France reaching £2.2bn in a year, this is double the figure from 2000. The popularity of English food may have come about from the amount of people living and learning in England, from this they have been able to experience different restaurants that are not normal to those found in France. The French living in England will then go back home and share their experience; this is true of Indian food in particular which is extremely popular in England but not so much in France.


 The popularity of English food shows in the success of Marks & Spencer’s in France. The Champs Elysees store self more chicken tikka masala than any branch in the UK. The fascination with M&S is that for the French the type of food is quirky, mint sauce with lamb, the triangle sandwich, coleslaw and not to mention all the cakes, scones and biscuits which are hard to resist. French supermarkets are stocking up on popular UK brands, some even have dedicated British sections.

 The rural French are said to have not yet embraced English food in the same way the cities have. People in the villages in France have a very old fashioned view on the English and it will therefore take time before they start embracing in English food.

 The best way to learn English is by living in England, this means you can embrace on all things English including the food! If you are interested contact us and browse our site to find out more.


Published by: Concorde International

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