Breaking news for students wishing to study English in England

From 10 January, the Minister of State for Immigration has agreed to extend the length of stay for student visitor visas from 6 to 11 months.

The fee for the extended Student Visitor Visa will be the same as that for the 6 months Student Visitor Visa.

Students choosing this route will not have to prove a minimum level of English prior to their arrival in England. However, the extended visa will not allow students to work, to take a work placement, bring dependents, extend their stay or switch to another course at the end of their stay.

To enter under this route, English language students will need to obtain Entry Clearance at a British mission overseas in advance of their travel.

“Students will have to satisfy the Entry Clearance Officer they genuinely intend to study, to leave the UK at the end of their studies and can support themselves during their stay”.

The minister stated that “the concession is intended to create flexibility to allow legitimate English language colleges to continue to offer opportunities to genuine students”.

Full details of how students can qualify for the extended student visitor route will be published on the UK Border Agency website.

Published by: Concorde International

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